Onyx Om Mala Necklace

Onyx Om Mala Necklace

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Onyx Mala has 108 beads and is 17 3/4 inches in length.



Onyx calming and grounding energies work with the root chakra grounding you into your body.  Helps with anxiety, fear and negative energies.

Mala can be used both a necklace or bracelet wrapped around your wrist.  It is strung with elastic stretch cord. The silver balls are sterling and the OM is silver plated.

Crystals charged with Reiki Energy and Crystal Singing bowls.

Necklace is 17 3/4  inches (includes OM charm). Contains 108 beads.

Keep the mala stored laying down not hanging to avoid over stretching.  As with all elastic strung bracelets, do not where while washing with hand soap or detergent.

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