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During this group healing session, you will receive all that is in your highest good and healing. The healings will benefit all of humanity as well. We will connect with the deepest levels of your soul. Your heart is ready for more expansion. This is also a 11-11 day amplifying the energies of the number 11 – New Beginnings and Balance. November 11th is a very powerful energetic day for all of humanity. These energies are quantum multidimensional with light language activations and downloads for your soul’s expansion. You will receive downloads and activations during the session. The session is via Zoom. I recommend using your phone or computer with earbuds or speaker. Find a relaxing space with no interruptions and access to sitting or laying down. Session duration is approximately 45 – 50 minutes. Zoom link will be provided within 24 hours of registration. You will also receive a recording of the session.

Energy Exchange: $11


“Michelle helped me in my expansion over the past two years. I am grateful for her. Her multidimensional healing with crystal bowls, chimes, tones and light language has helped me grow and taught me to work on myself.” – Myrna

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