Multidimensional Healing


A Multidimensional Healing session is a combination of light language activations, toning, sound healing, Reiki, and intuitive reading. The light language activations ignite the light within you and your ancient wisdom while shattering/transmuting old patterns and multidimensional energies. It is a catalyst to awakening and anchoring the 5th Dimensional Light Body while living from the heart space.

Integrated Energy Therapy®

integrated energy therapy - ietIntegrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) is an energy therapy system developed by Stevan Thayer that gets the “issues out of the tissues” for good. IET techniques clear and rebalance the body’s cellular memory of energy blockages and imbalances that have been suppressed within the body, mind, and spirit. These imbalances and blockages can be a result of traumas, injuries, surgeries, diseases, stress and fear since birth. IET assists in the release of old energy patterns and promotes the self-healing process. Michelle is certified in all IET Levels including Master Instructor. Sessions are available in person at Earth Angel Healing or long distance via phone.

Intuitive Readings

intuitive readingsMichelle has the unique ability to deliver healing spiritual messages through reading your energy. During your reading, Michelle uses various card decks as a visual for her client. She offers individual and group readings at her healing space or in your home. She is also available to do readings for group events such as ladies night, fundraisers, office events and house parties. See her events page for upcoming reading events at Earth Angel Healing. Readings are also available long distance via phone.

Spiritual Guidance

spiritual guidanceHumanity and our beautiful planet are shifting into a higher dimension and vibration. There are many people on the planet awakening at a rapid pace. Understanding one’s sensitivity to energy and adjusting to the shifts can be overwhelming, exciting, confusing and some may feel lost. Michelle provides guidance and mentoring to assist you with awakening and shifting into higher levels of consciousness with ease and grace. Michelle also provides this assistance to both children and adults. Sessions are available in person at Earth Angel Healing or long distance via phone.

Group Sound & Light Healing

sound and light healingThe group sound and light healing sessions are held at Earth Angel Healing twice a month. During these sessions, Michelle plays crystal singing bowls, chimes, and tones. Each participants also experiences multidimensional activations and downloads through the light language spoken by Michelle. Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy® and other energy healing is experienced during the session. Towards the end of the session, each participant receives their own personal activation. Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies will feel light, vibrant, elevated and expanded. These sound healings assist with your awakening, self healing and tapping into your divine essence. Check the events section for next available group session at Earth Angel Healing.

Space Clearing & Crystal Gridding

Crystal GridOur homes and work spaces are where we spend most of our time. How we interact with others in our daily lives affect the energy of our work spaces and our homes. The activities that have occurred for decades and generations on the land of our home can have an energetic affect on our home. Michelle uses her singing bowls, crystals grid and energy healing skills to cleanse and raise the vibration of homes/land and work spaces. Please contact Michelle for details and quotes.

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“I cannot speak highly enough about Michelle and Earth Angel Healing. I started working with Michelle during a time in my life where I was feeling lost and seeking healing. From my first visit, I knew I made the right decision to seek her guidance and mentorship. The work space is warm, inviting, a safe place to share and you can feel the light and love. Michelle’s guidance has really helped me find the strength within myself and bring clarity to my life. If you are looking to heal, grow, understand and embrace your own power and gifts, you will not find a better mentor than Michelle.”


“Highly recommend Earth Angel Healing! I had a Reiki and IET sessions that were amazing! Michelle’s sound and light healing was fantastic too!”


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Cancellation Policy for All Services
Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment for rescheduling or 100% Refund. Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment will be refunded 50% or must be rescheduled within three weeks.

Disclaimer for All Services
The services of Earth Angel Healing, LLC are not a substitute for physical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Healing sessions are not intended to replace your doctor or any other health care professional. Earth Angel Healing, LLC services harmonize with conventional medical treatments.