6-6 Portal Light Language Activation

6-6 Portal Light Language Activation


6-6 Portal Light Language activation. Gratitude donations accepted with love.

Gratitude Donation



In this light language Activation, we are opening up to deeper integration and merging of our divine feminine and divine masculine. We have been waiting lifetimes for the deeper union of the two energies within self.  There is a great opportunity presenting itself to us in the weaving of these energies without the old paradigms and belief systems. Immerse your self into grounding and integrating all of the energies of the 6-6 Portal. Just be with the dance and union of these energies. Love is in the air all Month. Utilize all your senses to experience this activation.

Please make sure to drink water and allow time for this to integrate. You can listen as often as you feel guided to do so.



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