Releasing 2023 Energies and Welcoming 2024

Releasing 2023 Energies and Welcoming 2024


Release 2023 Energies for a powerful 2024. Gratitude donations are accepted with Love.

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In this light language Activation, we are releasing the energies of 2023 as well as welcoming the energies of 2024. As you listen, open your heart, envision and feel into the release of the 2023 and beyond. Allow the knowledge, wisdom and peace to flood your soul.

Next, envision the opening of your heart and all parts of you to 2024. Align with these powerful energies propelling you forward throughout 2024 and beyond with illumined truth and enlightenment. Knowing a being the truth of who you are and your purpose at this time in your sojourn.

Emplowerment, Alignment to Soul, Balance, Abundance and Truth. Your Truth.

Unity Consciousness is a big part of this Activation. We Are One.



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